Compare the 2020 Tacoma With the 2020 Ford Ranger

Looking at the 2020 Toyota Tacoma? Consider the 2020 Ford Ranger with best-in-class available gas-powered torque and payload,(1) 7,500 lbs. maximum towing capacity,(2) and a 10-speed transmission.

For more information on the best-in-class 2020 Ford Ranger or to schedule a personal driving experience, please give us a call at (904) 264-2442.

(1) Class is Midsize Pickups. Gas torque rating of 310 lb.-ft. Max payload on SuperCab, 4x2. Not shown. SuperCrew 4x4 shown. Max payload varies and is based on accessories and vehicle configuration. See label on vehicle doorjamb for the carrying capacity of a specific vehicle.
(2) Max towing when equipped with available Trailer Tow Package. Max towing varies based on cargo, vehicle configuration, accessories and number of passengers. Torque, towing and payload are independent attributes and may not be achieved simultaneously

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