Does Your Car Have a Safety Recall?

Why not start the New Year by keeping yourself and your family safe? You can do this in just a few seconds by checking online to see if there are open safety recalls for your vehicle.

Each year, roughly 800-900 different recalls are issued by automotive manufacturers and these recalls affect millions of vehicles.

Typically, when a recall is issued, your manufacturer will send you a notification in the mail. Sometimes these notices can be overlooked by customers, or in the case of a pre-owned vehicle, the current owner information may not be available to the manufacturer.

Because of these potential communication issues, the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) has produced an easy way to check the recall status of any vehicle. Simply go to their website ( and enter your car's VIN into their search box to check for recalls.

There are several places you can locate your vehicle's VIN:

1. On the metal plate located on the lower-right corner of the dashboard (on the driver's side).
2. On the certification label inside of the driver's side doorjamb.
3. On your car insurance card.

Recall repairs need to be completed by the dealership of the manufacturer and are completed free of charge. If you have questions or need to schedule a service appointment, you may reach us at (904) 264-2442 or to schedule an appointment online, please click here.

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