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Hi - In this issue:
A Secret Emergency Feature on Your Phone
Is a stranger following you late at night? Call for help AND alert your emergency contacts without fumbling for your phone's keypad.
Why You Should Never Leave Your Garage Without Duct Tape in Your Car
Astronauts won't leave earth without duct tape (it saved three men aboard Apollo 13). Here's five reasons why you should always have duct tape in your car.
New Car Wash Hours
Thanks to valued customers like you, 2017 ended with a bang and we are now selling and servicing more...
Reveal of the 2019 Cherokee
This SUV is designed to take on the daily grind or an off-road adventure.
Discover the New 2019 Envision
Refined design cues, responsive performance enhancements and intelligent technology expand...
The 2018 Camry Versus the 2018 Ford Fusion
Thinking about buying a 2018 Toyota Camry? Consider...
Why You Are a Target for a Warranty Scam
According to the FCC, if you own a vehicle and a phone, you may receive calls from scammers posing as...
Pacifica Hybrid Wins 2018 Best New Car Award
The editors of Good Housekeeping, in partnership with Car and Driver, named the...
All-New Traverse RS Offers Performance and Personalized Styling
With turbocharged performance and aggressive, blacked-out styling cues, the 2018 Traverse RS injects...
And This Month's Viral Video
This is titled “Morning People Versus Me!”